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An afterthought

In The beginning on July 3, 2010 at 2:44 pm

As I said previously, you will learn more about my boyfriend and I over the coming months however, to all you readers who are London-ites, wedded to the speed, heat and buzz of one of the greatest cities in the world, who couldn’t imagine why on earth you’d ever want to leave a spacious, one-bedroomed flat in the trendy East End for a seaside town, in what might seem like the end of the world; here’s the view from the front of the house:

It’s that view that I had in my head as I battled through the heat, arising from the thousands of people walking down Oxford Street, to get to the tube. It’s that view that I thought of when my boyfriend’s bike got stolen from outside the front of my house. It’s that view I’m thinking of now as I listen to the banging emanating from the spontaneous street party taking place on Bethnal Green High Road, and it’s that view that I will be focusing on over the next few months of project management hell as we attempt to sell two properties, pay stamp duty, lawyers, estate agents and accountants.

Wish me luck.

  1. wow – that’s gorgeous – when are we allowed to book in for cream teas???? xxxxxxxx

  2. Wow amazing! I love your guesthouse.. We’re so visiting! X x

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