Lee Rotbart


My name is Lee Rotbart, my boyfriend’s name is Daniel Strickland. We’re far from Basil and Sybil Fawlty but we are currently attempting to purchase a guesthouse or B&B in South Cornwall. No, we’re not retiring, merely trying to do something which gives us job satisfaction and a great quality of life.

Bored with waiting for an interesting job to come up which gets us out the rat race, we’ve taken it into our own hands. Living somewhere that resembles a picture postcard seems like a dream come true as I stare out the window at the Soho back alley my office overlooks. However, I suspect it won’t all be fantasy and long walks along the beach, that somewhere along the way it might be bloomin’ hard work.

This blog charts our journey, maybe you’ll think we’re nuts, maybe you’ll envy us… maybe you’ll come and stay.

  1. I’ll definitely come and stay! In fact, you may need a court order to remove me.

    I wish you both all the very best on a fantastically exciting adventure and change of life style.

  2. Hi Guys, I spent some time as MD of a Hotel and I know the challenge that awaits you! Having said that, I enjoyed immensely dispensing good customer service and receiving complimentary customer satisfaction in return. Naturally, on those short visits to the UK, if we find ourselves in the south west, we will be sure to book a sea view room. The best best of luck and we hope your dreams are fulfilled.

  3. How cool, I am really fighting the urge to quote lots of Fawlty Towers lines! Happy to have such inspired friends! Will be comming to stay for sure, and take some photos also if you like.

  4. I think that is fantastic news and wish you all the best. Unless you are very child friendly we may wait until our two can be left with grandparents before coming to stay but will definitely keep it in mind. We will follow the blog to see how you are going. Let me know if you need someone to do your accounts, hehehe

  5. Lee and Daniel, how exciting! u know we love St Ives! my friend Melanie left corporate life in London and is now living just near St Ives in Lelant Downs, she lives the dream! good luck xxx Tim and Jules. we will definitely be visiting and causing mayhem with the 2 boys!

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