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It’s payback time

In Second time lucky on October 7, 2010 at 4:00 pm

I am off. On holiday. 8 days. Starting tomorrow.

It’s my last big blow out before I settle down to the nomadic existence I’m likely to be leading for the next few months, involving all my favourite activities – packing (it’s the devil’s work), budgeting, moving, unpacking (more of the devil’s work), and commuting from the suburbs of London.

Danny had his time off a couple of months ago, 1 week in France and 1 long weekend at the Big Chill festival and now it’s my turn. Granted, his week in France was doing hard labour on his house out there, but it was still a week in sun-drenched France while I sat at my desk looking out at the appropriately nicknamed ‘Wall of Misery’.

Now I’m off: Driving from Phoenix, Arizona to LA with a girlfriend (Thelma and Louise style but without the tragic ending). It’s a holiday I booked over 5 months ago, which makes it feel ‘free’, and I had no idea when I booked it that I would be semi-celebrating (I shouldn’t tempt fate as we’re still not home and dry quite yet) owning a guest house in St Ives. I love it when that happens, just more evidence of not knowing what’s just round the corner.

Anyway… while I am excited about going it does involve me letting go of everything that’s going on here. I’m sure you’ll be surprised to learn that the ability to let go is not one of my more obvious personality traits, along with relinquishing control, delegating, and handing over responsibility. However it’s something I’m being forced to do, not being very keen on getting a phone bill that I would need a second mortgage to pay by calling from the States all week.

It’s over to Danny who is calmer, more efficient (he doesn’t waste time blogging and talking to people on Twitter), and less of a drama queen. I have every confidence that by the time I come back our wonderfully patient mortgage broker will not be very keen to pick up communications with me again – me of the 25 phone calls, 9001 emails, and 62 questions per day.

Have a good week all, and here’s hoping that by the time I’m back online we will have had closure around the mortgage.