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Introducing Little Leaf Guest House

In Preparations in London on December 8, 2010 at 11:40 am

8 weeks ago I got home from work to find Danny hunched over the computer browsing Google. I should mention that this is not an uncommon sight. Danny absorbs information like sponges absorb water. If he had lived before the internet he would have been the kind of person who read dictionaries.

Unpacking the shopping and going about the usual faffing that comes with arriving home after a day at work I wasn’t really listening when Danny shouted something at me: ‘What was that?’ I yelled back, to be greeted with an even louder yell of ‘How about Little Leaf?’….

I loved it. I didn’t even have to ask what the context was. I knew immediately that he was referring the name of our guest house. We’d been talking about it for a while, going over all sorts of Cornish combinations and looking up words in the thesaurus; but as soon as he said ‘Little Leaf’ I just fell in love. It sounds cute, homely, unique – perfect for the kind of establishment we plan to be running.

The Legend of St Ives (courtesy of the St Ives Guest House Association)

The legend tells how St. Ia, a Virgin Saint of noble birth went to the seashore to depart for Cornwall from her native Ireland along with other Saints. Finding that they had gone without her, fearing that she was too young for such a hazardous journey, she was grief stricken and began to pray.

As she prayed she noticed a little leaf floating on the water and touched it with a rod to see if it would sink. Lo, as she looked it grew bigger and bigger. She saw that God sent it to her and, trusting to Him, she embarked upon the leaf and was straightaway wafted across the Channel, reaching her destination before the others.

Little Leaf Guest House

This is our little leaf; our hopes that this will turn into a boat and sail into the horizon, and not sink! A boat that will weather the storms, that will take us on an exciting journey to a new land and new experiences.

Massive amount of thanks go to Tristan Peters who, with the utmost patience, put together our logo which we are very excited about and very happy with.

Little Leaf Guest House Logo

You can now find us on Facebook, and online http://www.littleleafguesthouse.co.uk (temporary page courtesy of Tim Reader), and from 23rd December (because I am a numpty and managed to scupper myself on Twitter) you’ll be able to find us under a relevant name there too.

A new start indeed. We do hope you like it.

  1. Love it.. such a bold and eye catching design. x

  2. I absolutely LOVE the logo and the name. Well done you! And Tristan Peters ofcourse, he gets a BIG thumbs up from me.
    I think the it looks contemporary and clean but still friendly and inviting. Perfect. It would encourage me to come and stay. Can’t wait to sample those poached eggs. Have you got those metal round things that hold the eggs in the pan? Essential for eggs that want to escape x

  3. Very Meeeeeja Lee! But I really like it.

    btw – I “liked” you guys on FB and also checked you out on Google streetview. It looks AMAZING! What a great view.

    Looking forward to visiting…

    • Awesome Matt… we’re looking forward to having you! Glad you like it – even though, as you rightly say, it is Meeeeja! 😉 xx

  4. Just brilliant!!!

  5. Loved the name and logo when I saw them – so fresh and vibrant – but love the name even more now having read the story behind it. Inspirational thinking Danny! Good luck to you both with your exciting new venture.

  6. Logo is definitely a great example of an inviting design that’s simple and elegant at the same time. I do really like it.

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